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Anna, always first to say something nice on days of celebration.
EGO HJÄLM is a pen-name, which was registered as a private firm 1996-2012, active in culture (primarily: music, photo and literature).  
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  The publications are not based on science. It only contains stories from real life. Especially the book about Anna (Publikationer), who gave me a very good laughter and understanding! I met her in 1984, 10 years old at the time, and she showed me what a person with Downs syndrome can do. They can learn a lot of things you wouldn’t believe. Among other things I taught her to say long nonsense words, like "ecklesiastikepilektriker". I also taught her to clap 2/2 with her left hand, while at the same time she clapped 3/3 with her right hand!  


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